Wooden Styled Dog themed Photo Frame

Wooden Styled Dog themed Photo Frame

I came across this wooden styled dog themed photo frame the other day.

I like this one as to me it has a classic look and has a kind of rustic look that I really like.
This can be hung on the wall or would look great on a flat surface.
I especially like the footprints that are shown around the frame and how they are engraved into the frame.

When I was thinking of buying a photo frame for a friend the first thing I did was take a look around her house to see what other frames she had displayed to get an idea on what kind of style she liked. I discovered she had many photo frames that were wooden in style.
To make the gift even more special, I also purchased a photographic session for her and her dog. She chose to have a portrait shot of her dog taken out in his favorite park a place that was special to both her and her four-legged friend. Luckily the photographer didn’t mind taking his work outdoors. This ended up being a gift that I know will be treasured.

I believe that this is a great example of a great gift for dog owners.

Dog owners are proud of their pets and what a great way for them to display their pictures of their four legged friend .

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